Certificate ID 0000089482  Authenticated: 10/16/23

Guns n Roses Signed Electric Guitar

Subject: Guns n Roses
Category: Music
Sub category: Autographed Item
Medium: Electric Guitar


An electric guitar, autographed by Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler of Guns n Roses. An extremely rare example of a few set of original Appetite For Destruction era autographs. Signed on a guitar scratchplate by all original members. Consists of Axl first name bold signing with GnR inscription underneath. Slash autograph signed quickly, but a textbook example. Duff Mckagan is usual first name consistant autograph. Stradlin is first name signing. A little scruffy but this is usual. Adler is a beautiful full name bold, clear and free flowing example. A great set.


Signature Scoring

Axl Rose: 82
Slash: 80
Duff McKagan: 79
Izzy Stradlin: 68
Steven Adler: 90