How AuthentiScore™ Works

We take pride in our unique and proprietary process for authenticating autographs and collectible objects. Our approach combines the expertise of subject matter experts with cutting-edge AI technology to provide you with the most reliable authentication scores.

Expert Evaluation

Our team of subject matter experts examines the item thoroughly. They consider factors such as provenance, autograph validity, and other genuine context.

Proprietary Scoring System

Unlike traditional binary methods, we utilize a proprietary scoring system that provides a nuanced assessment. Our system takes into account various dimensions, including the autograph shape, pattern, and flow against known genuine examples, provenance and supporting documents, etc.  This scoring ensures a more accurate, transparent and scalable determination of authenticity instead of  more traditional binary methods.

Once authenticated, your item receives an overall AuthentiScore™ which includes scoring for all individual objects and autographs.  The results are made public and fully transparent with our unique postcard sized COA with attached HSA security hologram & a QR code that links to the public facing verification of authenticity page that can be shared with other collectors, potential sellers and buyers of collectible memorabilia.

Security Features

We understand the importance of security. Our QR codes are tamper-proof, and the verification page is encrypted to safeguard your information. Rest assured that your collectible is in good hands with our state-of-the-art security measures.  Simply point and capture the QR Code on the hologram security label which will link to the Verification of Authenticity page for that particular item’s AuthentiScore™.