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Certificate ID 0000085307  Authenticated: 08/09/22

Nirvana Signed Incesticide Vinyl LP

Subject: Nirvana
Category: Music
Sub category: Memorabilia
Medium: Vinyl LP
Date: 07/22/1993


A very rare example of a fully signed original Incesticide vinyl LP. Kurt Cobain autograph is classic Cobain example. Comparable with known genuine examples. Left handed slant. Slight finger smudge at top of the “U” David Grohl example is typical of known consistant genuine examples from the era. Krist Novoselic is an absolutely typical example of contemporary comparisons from the same time. Item was obtained by an autograph collector Brad Johnson on 22nd July 1993 outside the Ed Sullivan theatre on Broadway NY. Was bought by record dealer Jason Simpson along with a The Jesus Lizard 12″ vinyl and Scott Weiland Stone Temple Pilots vinyl. All three items were signed in New York within a 2 week period. These three records were subsequently sold to collector Chris Williams as part of a collection of over 200 mostly unsigned vinyls. Item comes with letter from original autograph collector Brad Johnson and letter from last owner Chris Williams.


Signature Scoring

Kurt Cobain: 84
David Grohl: 84
Krist Novoselic: 84