Certificate ID 0000085270  Authenticated: 06/11/22


Subject: John Rowlands
Category: Art/Photography
Sub category: Photograph
Medium: Photo Print
Size: 22″ x 17″
Date: August 17, 1965
Edition: Limited
Edition Number: 8/10
Performer: The Beatles
Venue: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada


This photo was taken by renowned photographer, John Rowlands on August 17, 1965 as legendary performers The Beatles held a press conference at Maple Leaf Gardens. John Rowlands was quoted in his book, Rock & Rowlands Flashback” The photo came about as I was not comfortable with the composition of the Beatles seated in a line. I asked George if he and John could stand for a minute so we could all shoot a more collected photo of the band. He got John up and this photograph was the result. I was 18 years old and the Beatles were just a few years older. What a fantastic experience for me as I learned by spending time with them that it was also an unbelievable journey for them.” Also, to note this is an official limited edition release from John Rowlands.

This 22″ x 17″ limited edition titled ‘The Fab Four’ is an official release and has been scored a perfect 100 AuthentiScore™.


Signature Scoring

John Rowlands: 100